LIFE Multiannual Work Programme (MAWP) for 2014-2017

The LIFE multiannual work programme for 2014-2017 was adopted by a Commission Decision on 19th March 2014, and sets the framework for the next four years for the management of the new LIFE Programme 2014-2020. It contains an indicative budget, explains the selection methodology for projects and for operating grants and establishes outcome indicators for the two LIFE sub-programmes – for Environment and for Climate Action. The total budget for funding projects during the period covered amounts to €1.1 billion under the sub-programme for Environment and €0.36 billion under the sub-programme for Climate Action.
LIFE’s universally-acknowledged success is based on “traditional” LIFE Nature, Biodiversity, Environment and Information projects. These best practice, demonstration, pilot and awareness-raising projects continue, but in addition are now accompanied by a whole new sub-programme for climate action, four new types of projects (integrated, technical assistance, capacity-building, preparatory) and two financial instruments (Natural Capital Financing Facility, Private Financing for Energy Efficiency).

Best practice projects apply appropriate, cost-effective and state-of-the-art techniques, methods and approaches taking into account the specific context of the project.
Demonstration projects put into practice, test, evaluate and disseminate actions, methodologies or approaches that are new or unknown in the specific context of the project, such as the geographical, ecological, socio-economic context, and that could be applied elsewhere in similar circumstances.
Pilot projects apply a technique or method that has not been applied or tested before, or elsewhere, that offer potential environmental or climate advantages compared to current best practice and that can subsequently be applied on a larger scale to similar situations.
Information, awareness and dissemination projects support communication, dissemination of information and awareness-raising for Environment and Climate Action.

The maximum co-financing rate (MCR) for these first four types of projects is 60% for the period 2014-2017 and 55% for 2018-2020. However, LIFE Nature and Biodiversity projects have a MCR of 60% for the entire period 2014-2020, and up to 75% if they target priority species or habitats

To download the work programme, please click here.